Ontario Provincial Junior Team – Korea Training Camp

Dear Taekwondo Ontario Community,

As part of our long term development plan, Taekwondo Ontario is committed to the development of Ontario athletes and helping them achieve success at the National and International stage.

As part of that commitment, we are pleased to announce that we will be funding the Ontario Provincial Junior Team along with Coaching Staff and a Physician to Korea for training from (July 12 – 30, 2019) for approximately 3 weeks. In addition to the training, the team will compete at the G1 Ranked Kimunyong International Open Taekwondo Championships and 2019 Seoul Open International Taekwondo Festival.

Eligibility Criteria:

A funded position will be given to all Provincial Junior Gold Medalists in the Kyorugi divisions that (1) competed at the September 2018 Provincial Selection Game # 1 in Markham, ON AND (2) competed at the January 2019 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships in Quebec City, QC representing Taekwondo Ontario.

Any Provincial Junior Gold Medalist that did not compete at the January 2019 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships in Quebec City, QC will NOT be considered UNLESS a medical note can be provided stating that the athlete in question could not compete at the 2019 Canadian National Taekwondo Championships due to injury.

If the qualified Provincial Junior Gold Medalist chooses not to attend, this position will be vacant and will not be filled.

Eligible Athletes:

Below are the Provincial Junior Gold Medalists who have qualified and met the criteria:


Name Club Division
Matthew Yan All Star Martial Arts Fin
Daniel Luchian All Star Martial Arts Bantam
Nicholas Hoefling Black Belt World (HQ) Feather
Ian Chan Markham Taekwondo Academy Light
Samuel Wagnleithner Black Belt World (Burlington) Welter
Ethan McCourt Black Belt World (Waterloo) Light Middle
Jordan Brown Son’s Taekwondo Academy Light Heavy
Kyle Card Myung’s Taekwondo Academy Heavy



Name Club Division
Mika Moreno Son’s Taekwondo Academy Fin
Sarah Juman Oakville Taekwondo Fly
Teana Averbeck Phoenix Taekwondo Academy Bantam
Anastasia Vassos Alborz Taekwondo Feather
Hanna Bel Bariciak Phoenix Taekwondo Academy Light
Nadja Tesic Phoenix Taekwondo Academy Welter
Leonarda Andric Phoenix Taekwondo Academy Light Middle
Maxena Aguto Extreme Martial Arts Light Heavy
Cassie Osatchuk Black Belt World (Burlington) Heavy


Each qualified Provincial Gold Medalist will be receiving an email along with further details of the Training Camp and must provide confirmation of attendance no later than noon Tuesday June 12, 2019 along with other required information.

Other Athletes:

Should any other Junior & Senior athletes be interested in attending this Korea Training Camp along with the Ontario Junior Provincial Team, please contact Master Tong at ed@taekwondo-ontario.com.

The cost per person will be $2,800 which includes the training fee, hotel and ground transportation. The flight, food and competition registration fees are not included in this fee and will be responsibility of the individual(s) to arrange themselves.

Coaching Staff:

Position Name
Head of Team / Manager Master In Kyung Kim
Head Coach Master George Koh
Male Coach Master Sung Min Son
Female Coach Master Sun Mi Park
Team Physician Dr. Erika Bariciak

We look forward to a successful Training Camp in Korea and the continued development of our Ontario athletes.


Master Tong