FALL 2017



FALL 2017

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DATE Saturday and/or Sunday
TIME 12:30pm to 3:30pm


TKD sessions will be added, included with PERMANENT SPOT Fee:

  • Nutrition
  • Recovery and Regeneration
  • TPASC pool
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Test match day(s), tournament simulation: KPNP, Ontario Referees and Medical

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Leading Change Pilot Program

Delivered April 2nd, 2017 to May 18th, 2017. 52 athletes participated in the Pilot Program.

Competitive weekly training

Competitive training environment for Cadet and Junior athletes preparing for 2017 Canadian National Championships at the end of May.

Competition preparation

Senior athletes participated for their international competition preparation.

KP&P Tournament Simulation Day

For Cadets, Juniors and Seniors

  • Referee Participation & Training Session on rule clarification and changes
  • Medical staff onsite on tournament simulation


Partner with BoxOut to establish baseline testing for Taekwondo on benchmark testing, to develop Taekwondo testing to support training and competition.

Nutrition & Recovery Sessions

Nutrition sessions for athletes and parents. Recovery sessions in swimming pool.

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Top quality facility and potential access to full IST

(Integrated Services Team)

  • Nutrition conditioning
  • Strength conditioning
  • And more

Athletes enjoy and value learning different strategies/tactics from variety of coaches

Individualized feedback from Coaches

Training content is planned and intensity of training was very good according to athletes

KP&P Tournament simulation, referees & medical was a big hit

Overall, Cadets & Juniors feel better prepared for Nationals

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  • OADP to recruit 8 coaches roster for Taekwondo Ontario Athlete Development Program (TOADP)
  • November 2017 to June 2018
  • Minimum 2 Female coaches
  • 2 coaches to lead training per session, 2 coaches to support
  • Coaches on rotation basis
  • Coaches to follow the Yearly Plan outlined within TOADP
  • See Call for Coaches for Selection Criteria
  • Honorarium for permanent roster of coaches
  • Coaches shirt
  • Coaches are required to sign TOADP Coach Agreement
  • Apprentice/developing coaches are encouraged to participate as part of
  • Coaching Development.

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Top Facility

Ability to work with Multiple Coaches

Training with Top Athletes in Ontario

Competition Simulation

Increase Competitive Training Environment

Individualized Attention

Innovative Training Methods

Taking our game to the Next Level

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Click here to see the training schedule.



Taekwondo Ontario (TO) is introducing the Athlete Development Program to provide Ontario Poomsae and Kyorugi athletes’ quality training and sparring partners in a competitive environment.

Location: The North Room at the Toronto Pan Am Sport Centre


To maximize training benefits, Club Coach may work with coaches and athlete(s) following same comprehensive training plan.

Accessibility to program:

  • Drop In sessions available for athletes outside of GTA.
  • Attract more competitive athletes/coaches by promoting program benefits.


Training/sparring schedule will be based on a weekly rotation of CADETS, JUNIORS and SENIORS for both POOMSAE and KYORUGI.


To optimize training benefits, split training into 2 separate groups
i.e. Cadets only and Junior/Senior.


Adding Poomsae into the Athlete Development Program.
Offer a comprehensive yearly plan for the future success of this type of program.


Adequate training space based on number of active participants.
*Limit is 45 max for each group.


*All athletes must be Toronto Ontario registered athletes and Provincial or National level athletes

CADETS 35 permanent spots available
JUNIORS 25 permanent spots available
SENIORS 10 permanent spots available



  • Cadets, Juniors, Seniors
  • REGISTER HERE: TOADP Permanent Athlete Registration Form
  • Priority will be given to Provincial and National level athletes. A waiting list will be created once we have reached the capacity for the North Room
  • Wait list registrants may participate until a permanent spot is available
  • Participants will receive TOADP t-shirt.



KYORUGI $450 per athlete
POOMSAE* $250 per athlete

*POOMSAE is an introduction to the program and less frequency

Payment is made in cash or post-dated cheque only, before start of first session.



KYORUGI PER SESSION $30 per athlete
PER WEEKEND $40 per athlete
POOMSAE* PER WEEKEND $30 per athlete


  • First come first serve only
  • Drop In participant must register for each session
  • Online registration will open on the Monday ahead of the weekend session
    • For example, Nov 4/5 sessions, online registration will be available on/around Oct 30
  • All Athletes are required to sign TOADP Athlete Agreement
Click to Register